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Cheddar Jalapeño Chicken Burgers with Guacamole

Cheddar Jalapeño Chicken Burgers with Guacamole

You know how there seems to be one song every year that kind of becomes the anthem of summer? For me, there’s usually a recipe that becomes my meal of summer. For the last two years, it’s been this chicken with tomato herb pan sauce, but that recipe has been dethroned and replaced with this one. We made these burgers two weeks in a row, just to give you an idea of how much we loved them. They’re the epitome of my perfect summer recipe, and I seriously cannot get enough.

These burgers are filled with shredded cheddar, jalapeño, onion and cilantro and then served with a generous spoonful of guacamole. Are you kidding me? That’s almost too much awesomeness to go inside of a bun. The original recipe called for sour cream and salsa too, but these were so good with only the guacamole that I totally forgot about those things. I hate to be all “this is the best burger ever so go make it now,” so I’ll refrain from telling you that. However, you should know that I’m totally putting these on the menu again this week because they really are just that good. We made our guacamole extra special by tossing in some grill-charred corn kernels, and it was definitely a good addition. Clara absolutely loved this meal. Corn on the cob is one of her favorites, and she devoured her burger patty. We had extra guacamole and tortilla chips on the side, instead of the usual french fries, and it was the perfect summer meal.

Cheddar Jalapeño Chicken Burgers with Guacamole

Cheddar Jalapeño Chicken Burgers with Guacamole

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 4 burgers

Cheddar Jalapeño Chicken Burgers with Guacamole


1½ pounds ground chicken
½ cup finely chopped red or yellow onion
¼ cup finely chopped fresh cilantro
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
2 teaspoons chopped jalapeño
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon paprika
⅓ cup finely shredded cheddar cheese
Kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper
Sour cream, chipotle salsa, sliced red onion and/or lettuce for topping, optional


Prepare an indoor or outdoor grill for cooking over medium heat.

Combine the chicken, onion, cilantro, jalapeño, cumin, paprika, cheese, salt and pepper in a medium bowl. Use your hands to mix everything together without overworking the chicken.

Gently form the mixture into four ½-inch thick patties. Grill over medium heat until cooked through, 5-7 minutes per side. Serve on buns with your choice of toppings.


  • annieseats

    Holy yum. Adding to menu ASAP.

  • marcie @ flavor the moments

    This is one gorgeous burger I wanna sink my teeth into!

  • Eileen

    Best burger in the land! This sounds perfect–spice and cheese and char all at once.

  • Annie Standing

    Yummy!! Need to make these :)

  • branny

    Your first picture is beautiful

  • ItsJoelen

    It’s been awhile since I’ve made chicken burgers and this looks like a great recipe! I especially love how you incorporated the guacamole… thanks for sharing!

  • Crystal

    Saw this yesterday morning and made these for dinner last night! We only used guacamole, too – nothing else needed! Looking forward to my leftovers at lunch!

  • Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie

    I’ve made stuffed jalapeno popper burgers before but I love the addition of guacmole to these!

  • KizKiz

    I made this burger and it came out great!!! Thank you for this recipe.

  • Craig Allen

    This looks delicious!

    It looks so good, that I pinned this recipe to The Home Depot’s Grills and Outdoor Cooking board on Pinterest. Thanks1

    -Craig, from The Home Depot

    • Courtney

      Thanks so much for sharing it, Craig!

  • Kathleen School

    I found your blog via Annie’s Eats a few months ago and I am hooked. This week I made this recipe as well as your previous summer favorite and they both were HUGE hits! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to try your stuffed pepper recipe with corn risotto…the pasilla peppers are overflowing in the Kroger produce section.

    • Courtney

      Thanks so much, Kathleen! :)